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Dr. Jack Hand was a compassionate man, a man full of passion that showed in his life and work. Dr. Jack Hand stayed with his patients every step of the way, from diagnosis to treatment, all the way to the best and worst outcomes, the families of the children he treated felt he was right by their side through it all. 


Through funds raised by the Foundation, we will help families concentrate on what’s most important. Helping them forget about costs, giving them the reassurance they need to be there for their child while they are being treated at the Janeway for a Hematology or Oncology-related illness. 


His humour, ability, and compassion were as much a part of the child’s recovery from cancer as the medicine itself. We lost “Dr. Jack” in 2012, but the Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundation is devoted to continue his passion and compassion by helping families cope. 


Money raised will help families with: financial support for medical expenses such as travel costs, hospital costs, medical practitioner costs, and prohibitively expensive prescription drugs; cover food costs; accommodations, and travel required for treatment; and any obstacles that may come up. 


In “Dr. Jack’s” memory we are helping families cope.

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